Canvas FAQ: Why don't the points show up when I grade with a Rubric?

When attaching a Rubric to an Assignment in Canvas, there is a settings box that needs to be checked (screenshot below) in order for the grade to automatically jump into the grade box in SpeedGrader.  Here's how to "fix" this for an Assignment in which students have already started submitting work.


  •  If students have already done the assignment we can edit the rubric:

  • Go to Assignments in the Course Layout Menu on your Canvas Course

  • Click on the assignment we want to tweak the rubric on

  • Scroll to the Rubric and select the Edit/Pencil symbol 

  • Because students have already worked on the Assignment: 

    • A box will pop up letting you know students are already working on the assignment.  it won't let us update the rubric, but it will let us make a copy of the rubric to apply to the assignment.  Select Yes.

  • Canvas will make an identical copy of the rubric and you will now be able to "Edit" this new rubric, scroll to the bottom part of the rubric and check the box to use the rubric for Grading

  • Save/Update Rubric to apply the settings change

  • When you go to Speedgrader for the assignment now, you will see the "new" rubric, and the grading will work as expected.

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