Using Panopto in the Classroom (for Windows)


This article guides you through the steps to successfully record a session on Panopto for Windows.


  1. Log in to the podium computer

  2. Log in to

  3. Log in to Canvas

  4. Launch your course materials (e.g. PowerPoint)

  5. Click on the Panopto tool link on the left-hand navigation menu in Canvas (called Panopto Video). 

  6. Click Create, this will launch the Panopto application

  7. Confirm the selected folder is correct (see image label #1)

  8. Click the drop-down menu for Video to select the camera for the classroom

  9. Click the drop-down menu for Audio to choose the microphone for the classroom

  10. Test your audio levels by observing the meter. If levels are too high or too low, use the slider to adjust the sensitivity.

  11. Check the box next to Capture Computer Audio (see image label #2)

  12. Check the box next to Capture PowerPoint if using a Microsoft PowerPoint (see image label #2)

  13. Check the box next to Capture Main Screen

  14. Click the fps drag bar at the bottom and drag it to the middle (30 fps) (see image label #4)

  15. The recorder screen will at first be visible. Minimize it while recording your session, then open it back up to either pause or stop your recording

  16. At the end of your class period, click Stop on the recording and then click Done

  17. The Manage Recordings screen will appear, Panopto can now be closed

Panopto Recorder Screenshot

The Panopto for windows recorder. (1) Folder Name (2) Capture Computer Audio Checkbox (3) Secondary Sources (4) fps slider.