Getting Started with Flip

This article guides instructors through signing up for Flip, setting up their first group and topic, and sharing with students.


  1. Go to

  2. Click the Sign Up button.

  3. Select Sign Up with Google. 

  4. Choose your Boise State Google account to automate signing into the platform.

  5. Enter the required information to complete the signup process.

Once the signup process is complete, you’ll be directed to a landing page where you can create your first group.

Create a Group and Topic

Refer to the Boise State best practices listed below for groups and topics as you follow Flip’s steps to create a group or topic. If you make a mistake, you can always go back and edit a group or edit your topics.

Don’t worry about saving your join code as you set up the group. Join codes and share links will always be there for you on your group landing page.

Best Practices for Creating Groups

Set up groups so they are available to only Boise State faculty and student email domains even if you plan on sharing a link or join code later on.

  • Enter a unique group name such as course name and term so students can distinguish between their other courses using Flip.

  • In the share group pop-up,

    • Select Email address or domain.

    • Enter (so you or co-facilitators can access the group)

    • Click the plus sign.

    • Enter (so students can access the group)

    • Click the plus sign.

    • Click Confirm.

  • Set up email notifications and/or push notifications so you can stay up to speed with group interactions.

Groups auto-default to allow students to create topics. To change this setting so only instructors can create topics, follow these steps to change topic permissions.

Best Practices for Topics

  • Save time by editing topics that were already created.

  • Enter descriptive, unique topic titles that correspond to your course syllabus and schedule or Canvas course site (e.g., Week 3 Astronomical Observations).

  • Before entering a topic description in Flip, consider how you want students to access Flip then build out the description in the best tool, Flip or Canvas. Either can work, just be consistent!

    • Do you plan to use the Flip LTI in Canvas?

    • Will you place share links, join codes, or a QR code within each week’s module on a Canvas page or once at the beginning of the course?

  • Enable closed captions.

  • Once you have a topic set up, duplicate topics to save time. You can edit the details afterward!


Ways to Share

  • If you plan to use the Flip LTI in Canvas, students will be able to access the group and topics from within Canvas.

  • Click invite link at the top of your group landing page and copy the link. Paste this link to Canvas, email, or anywhere else a student can find it.

  • Copy the group share code from your group banner and distribute the code to students with instructions to select their Boise State Google account if prompted.

  • The invite link > QR icon (next to the X) produces a unique code that you can copy and paste or download for students.

  • You can click directly into any topic and copy its unique share link or join code.