Qualtrics is a robust survey software available to all Boise State students and faculty. Accounts are auto-provisioned by logging in with a Boise State username and password at https://boisestate.az1.qualtrics.com (right-click to open content in a new tab)

Creating a basic account

To create a basic account, click the link above and click on Login to Qualtrics.  Basic accounts are limited to 500 outgoing survey emails using the Qualtrics mail service, 3 active surveys, and 10 total surveys (active and inactive). 

Creating an upgraded account

Request an updated account that has no limitations. Create an Service Request (https://boisestateproduction.service-now.com/bsu_sp?id=bsu_catalog) using the offering Request Upgraded Qualtrics Account. 

Taking over someone else's survey

The survey owner can give you access to currently existing surveys.

Updated Username

If you changed your username, when you log in with the new account name a new account will be created.  Contact the Help Desk (https://www.boisestate.edu/oit/assistance/) to have the accounts merged.               

Qualtrics Technical Support

The Qualtrics website (right-click to open content in a new tab) offers an extensive set of online resources. https://www.qualtrics.com/support/