Adding Extra Attempts to a Canvas Assignment

Extra attempts with Canvas Assignments.


Canvas Assignments behave differently than Blackboard in two ways:

  • Assignment Attempts cannot be deleted

  • Individual students cannot be granted extra attempts


In Canvas you can grant a student another attempt at an assignment by editing the number of allowed attempts on the assignment.

  • In the Canvas Course Layout menu select Assignments.

  • Click on the title of the Assignment.

Select Assignments. Click on the assignment you want to edit.


  • A new screen will open up. Select Edit from the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Once the assignment pulls up, select Edit.


  • Scroll down to “Submission Attempts”:

    • In Allowed Attempts, select either:

      • Limited: Add an attempt to the total # of attempts.

      • Unlimited: This will also open up the assignment for unlimited attempts.


  • Select Save at the bottom of the Assignment.

  • The student can now submit an extra attempt to the Assignment.

    • Note: All students are now able to submit a second attempt to the Assignment. Normally this does not cause any issues, but if you are concerned, please include a note in the Assignment Instructions explaining expectations for students regarding this extra attempt (EX: disregard second attempt if first attempt was successful, etc.).

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