Resolving Students with Multiple Accounts


This article describes how you should go about fixing a student who has accidentally created multiple iClicker accounts.


  1. Navigate to the Students tab in your iClicker course.
  2. Look for any students with multiple accounts.
  3. Choose which account should be removed, and make note of the email address used.

    If they created one account with a personal email and another with their email, you should remove their non-BSU account.

  4. Go to the Details page for the account you want to remove. Check if there are any scores that will need to be manually moved to the other account. Write them down.
  5. Go to the Details page for the account you want to keep. Copy the scores into this account.
  6. Return to the Students page. Select the account you want to remove using the checkbox on the left, then click Remove in the top right.

Make sure to communicate with the student – tell them which account you removed, and that you moved the scores from the old account into the new one.

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