iClicker Polling with Target Questions


In this article we will show you how to begin polling using target questions.


Start by running a session as you normally would.

  • Polling with target questions is simple. When you want to ask a target question, select the new question type from the dropdown list in the Polling toolbar and start a poll
  • An image of your screen is sent to your students. Ask them to tap or click where they believe the answer is and then click the "Send" button. They will see an Answer Received message after submitting
  • Once you’ve ended you session, go to your Session History dashboard and choose the session you would like to grade. Click anywhere on the image of your question to switch into Grading Mode
  • While in Grading Mode, drag a selection marque to define the area for a correct response. The area will appear with a green shade inside and all responses inside the area will turn green while responses outside the area will turn red
    • You can use the corner handles to resize the selection, click and drag to move the selection, or click outside the selection to make it disappear
    • Click "Save" to set the correct area and return to the Results window
  • When graded, the table below the target image summarizes the number of correct and incorrect responses
  • Students are also able to view the graded response

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