Experience iClicker as a Student


Students vote in https://student.iclicker.com Polling sessions using a laptop, smart phone, or tablet. https://student.iclicker.com Polling also supports hybrid classrooms by allowing students to register and use an iClicker compatible device. You can use your instructor credentials to experience https://student.iclicker.com Polling as a student. 

Note: Physical clickers are no longer supported at Boise State. We recommend using mobile devices (laptops, cell phones, and tablets) for engaging synchronously and asynchronously. 


  • Go to https://student.iclicker.com or download the native iOS app from the iTunes App Store or Android app from Google Play.
  • Log in to https://student.iclicker.com Polling using your instructor account's email and password.
  • Tap the Add A Course button then find and add the course you previously created.
  • Start a polling session from the instructor software.
  • From the student software, join the session when the Join Session button appears.
  • Run polls from the instructor software and respond from the student software.

Use iClicker Cloud: Polling to start a course polling session.

Sign in to your iClicker Cloud instructor account using the desktop software. Choose a course and then start a course polling session.

  • Switch to a secondary device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, or another computer) or open a browser on your computer. Visit the student web application at https://student.iclicker.com and sign in using your instructor account credentials.

Tip: It is not necessary to create a student account. Use your sign in credentials (email address and password) that you used to create your iClicker Cloud instructor account.

  • Click on the plus sign to add your course. Search for your institution and then find your course. Confirm that you selected the correct course by clicking the "Add this Course" button located at the bottom of the "Confirm Course" window.

Search for your institution and then find your course. Confirm that you selected the correct course by clicking the Add this Course button located at the bottom of the Confirm Course window.

  • Join the course polling session.

To join a course polling session, select the course from the Courses window in the student application. Then, click the "Join Session" button. If you have not started a polling session with the instructor application, a message indicates that the are no active sessions.

  • Use the instructor desktop application to start a poll.

Choose Polling from the master toolbar to display the polling toolbar. When you are ready, click the "Start" button to start a poll.

  • Respond to the poll using the student application.

A screen capture from your computer is presented to your students when you start a poll. Respond to the question. You can view the results in the student application after you stop a poll.

Tip: You can turn off the option to send a screen image to the student web application during polling. Find this option in the Polling tab of the course Settings in the instructor’s application.  End the session when you are finished polling.

Close the iClicker Cloud: Polling master toolbar in the instructor application to end the session. The Course Dashboard appears. From here, you can view the session results or sign out.  Review the session in the student app.

  • When you end the course polling session, the student application also ends the session. The completed session is listed in the course’s session history. Take a moment to review the information provided in past sessions.

Tip: Students can use the web or iOS app at any time to access past sessions. This functionality provides a way for them to review questions and correct responses (if you specified answers) for any session.

Don’t forget to sign out or exit the browser when you are finished.

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