Canvas Course Integration

iClicker Cloud Roster & Grade Sync

The new iClicker Cloud Roster & Grade Sync (RGS) feature is the preferred integration for institutions using Canvas Roster & Grade Sync allows you to quickly and easily pull your Learning Management System roster into iClicker Cloud and send your iClicker Cloud grades directly to your LMS gradebook. 


Benefits of this integration include:

  • Quick & easy setup
    • No need for any additional setup or preparation from inside your LMS. Connecting your LMS course is done completely from inside iClicker Cloud in just a few clicks
  • Ability to pull your LMS roster into your iClicker Cloud course
    • Your LMS roster is used to pre-populate your iClicker roster
  • Assistance in getting your students ready to use iClicker before classes start
    • When you sync your roster, iClicker students with emails matching your LMS roster will be automatically added to your course
    • If a matching account is not found in the iClicker system, we make it easy for you to let students know what they need to do to update their existing account or create a new account
  • No additional linking steps for students
    • Students’ iClicker accounts are automatically linked to their LMS identity by matching their email address. Students do not need to take any additional action, such as clicking a link inside your LMS, to associate their account

Note: The first step for instructors is to download the iClicker Cloud Desktop Software from this web link

After login from the iClicker Cloud Desktop App, navigate to your course settings as shown below:  

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 11.25.27 AM.png

Select the "Integrations" tab

Your institution's LMS should be shown here. 

Note: Roster & Grade Sync requires prior setup by your campus LMS administrator. If your Integrations tab does not display your LMS with the Connect to LMS button, you can follow alternate directions for setting up LTI integration or manually exporting and uploading grades to your LMS.

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 11.26.41 AM.png

Set up your iClicker course to use Roster & Grade Sync

Learn how to set up Roster & Grade Sync by following the instructions for your LMS, or by clicking through the interactive tour below. Follow these instructions for each iClicker Cloud course that you are integrating. You only need to set up each course once.