Participant Restrictions

To prevent unwanted screen sharing, chatting, or other activities, Zoom has improved its security options. This article provides additional information on how to use these security features.


In the interest of preventing “Zoombombing,” we have enabled additional security features which will reduce the risk of unwanted participants or actions within your meeting.

Screen sharing in Zoom meetings is now restricted to host-only by default starting April 16th. Follow these steps to allow Participants to screen share.

Allowing and Disallowing Participants to Share Screens, Chat, or Rename Themselves

In order to allow participants to share their screens, you will need to do the following.

  1. In the bottom toolbar of your meeting, click Security.

  2. Under Allow Participants To, you can toggle various abilities for participants, including screen sharing, chatting, and renaming themselves. Toggle these options to fit your class.

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