Messaging / Inbox


This article describes how you can use your account's inbox to contact your instructors or students.


To access your inbox, click Inbox from the blue global navigation menu.


  • The toolbar at the top allows you to filter your messages and perform actions based on the selected conversation.

  • On the left side, you can filter by course or group, then by type.

  • On the far right side, you can search for a user.

  • In the middle, you can create a new message or reply, archive, delete, forward, mark as read/unread, and star the selected conversation.

Viewing Conversations

  • When you select a conversation on the left side, all the messages will appear chronologically on the right.

  • Within each conversation, you can reply, reply-all, forward, or delete the thread.

  • You can do the same with individual messages by hovering over it.

  • If you want to select multiple conversations to archive or delete, click the checkbox in the top left of each conversation's listing in the left panel, then perform the action using the toolbar.

  • To select every conversation, press ctrl+A (cmd+A on macOS).

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