Creating a Single-Section Canvas Course with Middleware


Middleware is an internally-developed tool that allows instructors to create Canvas course sites for their courses and ensures enrollment sync between PeopleSoft and Canvas. This article outlines course creation for single-section course sites. Refer to the merged sections article for instructions on creating Canvas sites containing multiple sections.


  1. Navigate to and log in with your Boise State credentials.

  2. If you have multiple Middleware roles, be sure to switch to the appropriate role before proceeding. Click the options button in the top right-hand corner, then click Switch Roles.

  3. Click the Term Selection Field [2] and select a term to see your assigned courses.

  4. Click the +CREATE COURSE button [3] next to the desired class to create a Canvas course site. If you don’t see the course you need, ensure that you are the listed instructor for the course in PeopleSoft.

    Middleware main page


  5. On the COURSE INFO tab, you can customize the course name [4] and set the course availability date [5]. See Middleware Course Availability Settings for additional details about availability options.

  6. If you wish to copy the content from an old course, use the optional course copy field [6]. Enter the Canvas SIS Course ID of the source course. You must have either the Teacher or the Course Administrator role in the source course. Ask the course owner to add you to the course if needed. Click the Next button to proceed [7].

    Course Information screen in Middleware

If the course you copy included quizzes with Respondus Lockdown Browser or ProctorU enabled, these often appear in the new course with the expected “ … requires Lockdown Browser …” or “ … ProctorU …” in the quiz title, but the settings do not copy into the new course.

When copying Respondus Lockdown Browser or ProctorU quizzes, take the following steps in the new Canvas course:

  1. Open each quiz.

  2. Confirm or reset the Respondus and ProctorU settings.

If the course you copy included assignments using an LTI, validate the integration in the new Canvas course and confirm any corresponding assignments in the new course.


  1. On the MANUAL ENROLLMENTS tab, you can add other users to the course. Enter an Employee ID or a Boise State Username, then click the + button [8] to add users. Click Next to proceed [9].

    Manual Enrollment screen in Middleware


  2. On the ADDITIONAL OPTIONS tab, you can request to receive an email notification when the course is ready [10]. Click SUBMIT to create the course site [11].