Panopto Quick Guide for Students


This is a collation of Panopto resources to help students get started using Panopto at Boise State.


Panopto is Boise State’s video creation and hosting platform. Panopto software (installed on your computer) or the web-based Panopto recorder allow you to capture video, including both your screen and camera at the same time. The web-based Panopto video editor allows you to edit your video in some basic ways, including blocking out sections of the video. The Panopto platform then allows you to publish and share your video with others at the desired level of viewing permissions. 

Visit to get an account granted by signing in with your Boise State credentials.

Use My Folder article covers how to access My Folder and how to create subfolders. 

How to Share a Video

Tip: We recommend using the Anyone at your organization with the link (aka viewer must be signed in with Boise State credentials) or Anyone with the link permission levels. Then, simply copy and paste the link to other locations as desired, e.g. Blackboard discussion forum. 


Videos may be shared with you by your instructor or peers. Videos may be shared as links that you simply click on to open in the video viewer. Learn more about the Feature of the Video Viewer

Videos may also be integrated into the Blackboard course site for your class -- if you try to play these videos and get an error message, click the “Panopto Video” menu item on the left side of Blackboard to re-sync your course permissions. If you still cannot view the embedded video, contact the owner of the video (likely the instructor).