Using Zoom in the Classroom

If you want to engage with remote students while teaching in a classroom, use Zoom. Remote students can either simply watch your class while it is occurring or can even ask questions and engage.


  1. Log in to the podium computer

  2. Log in into Canvas at

  3. Launch your course materials (e.g. PowerPoint)

  4. Click on the Zoom tool link on the left-hand navigation menu in Canvas 

  5. Click Start to start the Zoom meeting

  6. Click Join with Computer Audio when prompted

  7. Click the ^ next to the mic icon to select the speaker and microphone for the classroom

  8. Click the ^ next to the video icon to select the video input source for the classroom

  9. Click Record and choose Record to Cloud

  10. Share screen

  11. Click on Chat to monitor questions (can minimize Chat window if desired)

  12. Click on Participants to admit students from the Waiting Room

  13. At the end of your class period, end the Zoom meeting

Best practices for using Zoom in the Classroom

  • Be aware of the placement of the video camera and the microphone. Location may differ by classroom.

  • Repeat questions asked by students to be heard by remote students and/or captured for the recording.

  • Pause periodically to check the Zoom Chat for questions from remote students.

  • The classroom whiteboard will likely not be captured by lecture capture. Instead, use the Document Camera to write or draw content while lecturing.

  • If possible, have a moderator such as a Learning Assistant help manage the Zoom meeting and remote students.

Using Zoom in the Classroom Video


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