Joining a Group or Topic

If you have a Flip account under your personal email address, you may need to sign out of your personal account at then sign in again using your Boise State email address.

To create videos and participate in discussions, you need to join your Flip group. How you join a group depends on how your instructor has made the group available to you.

  • If your instructor embedded Flip within Canvas, you can join a group or topic by simply going to the Flip assignment in the Canvas. Flip’s help center has a helpful submit your assignment on Canvas video.

  • Instructors may give you a URL, join code, or QR code to access the group or topic. Choose your Boise State Google account (, if prompted.

If you get an error that your email domain is not permitted, contact your instructor. Instructors must update their Flip settings to allow both and to access the group.

Go to Flip’s join a group or topic article for details on your specific web browser or device.

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