Inviting Others to a Meeting


Depending on how you started the meeting, there are a few different ways to invite others to your meeting.

Instant Meeting Invite

  • During a meeting, you can invite people to join the conference by clicking the Participants tab and then Invite in your meeting controls

  • You can choose the option to Invite by Email, URL, or by Phone or invite a Room System (which requires a Cloud Room Connector Subscription)

Invite by Email

Under the Invite by Email tab in the Invite window, click on one of the three email options:

  • Default Email will open up your default email application

  • Gmail or Yahoo Mail will open a web browser and will prompt you to log in with your Yahoo or Gmail account

Invite by Contacts

Under the Invite by Contacts tab in the Invite window:

  • Select a contact from the window or search for a contact in the search bar

    • You can select multiple contacts

  • Click Invite

In the bottom left corner of the Invite window, there are buttons for Copy Invite Link and Copy Invitation, which can be used to send the meeting information elsewhere. Copy Invite Link will copy just the meeting link and Copy Invitation will copy the full invitation text. You can then paste the URL/invitation wherever you like.

Scheduled Meeting Invite

You can schedule a meeting in the Zoom app or on the website. See How to Schedule a Meeting (with Recommended Settings) for more information.

  • Log in to the Zoom application

  • Click Meetings

  • Select the meeting that you want to which you want to invite others. Click Copy Invitation

  • Once you click this, the meeting invitation will be copied and you can paste it into an email or anywhere else you would like.