Using Meeting Passwords Effectively

This article provides instructions on how to use Zoom meeting passwords to prevent unwanted guests.


In the interest of preventing “Zoombombing,” we have enabled additional security features which will reduce the risk of unwanted participants within your meeting. One of these features is encouraging meeting passcodes for all newly scheduled meetings.

Why Are Passwords Important?

When a person attempts to access random Zoom meetings, they may do this by randomly generating potential meeting ID’s and attempting to join the meeting at that ID. By creating a password, you automatically disallow anyone using this guessing method from joining.

Distributing Meeting Passwords

The meeting password is “embedded” in the link for the Zoom meeting. Most participants will not need to manually enter the password. However, you should still include the password invite in the Meeting invitation so that people can enter it if prompted.

Editing Meeting Passwords

Zoom will automatically generate a meeting password for you when you schedule the meeting. If you want a custom password, you can change it for scheduled meetings.

  1. Log into Zoom and go to Meetings.

  2. Under Upcoming Meetings, click the topic of the meeting you want to update.

  3. Click Edit This Meeting.

  4. Under Meeting Options, change the meeting password.

  5. Click Save.

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