How to Schedule a Meeting (with Recommended Settings)


For information on preventing and resolving "Zoombombing," see Resolving Unexpected Behavior In Meetings.

Zoom offers multiple methods to schedule a meeting. A host has control over the options for their scheduled meetings except for settings that an administrator has locked for all users in the account or for all members of a specific group.

A host can schedule through any of the following methods:

  • The Zoom web portal (recommended)

  • The Zoom desktop client or mobile app

  • A Zoom plugin (available for Chrome, Outlook, and Firefox)

  • Through Blackboard if the ZOOM integration has been enabled (recommended for synchronous meetings with students)


  • Log in to the Zoom web portal, client, plugin, or link in Blackboard

  • Click on the Schedule icon

  • Select the meeting settings. See Meeting Settings for more information on the options

  • Click Schedule to finish

Settings Recommendations

Meeting ID

We recommend using Generate Automatically; using your Personal Meeting ID is comparable to giving out your cell phone number.


We do recommend adding a password.


  • For small meetings, we recommend Video is set to On for both Host and Participants.

  • For big meetings, we recommend Video is set to On for Host and Off for Participants.


We recommend allowing both Telephone and Computer Audio; this allows people to call in via their phone.


We recommend Google Calendar; this will generate an event in your Google Calendar once you allow Zoom access to the calendar.

Enable Waiting Room

This setting is locked on for all Boise State Zoom meetings. However, Boise State Zoom accounts will “bypass” the Waiting Room and enter straight into the meeting. Only “guests” will need to be admitted from the Waiting Room.

Enable join before host

This setting is not available to Boise State Zoom meetings since Waiting Room is mandatory.

Mute participants on entry

  • For large meetings, we recommend that you do Mute participants on entry.

  • For small meetings, we recommend that you do not use this setting.

Only authenticated users can join: Sign in to Zoom

We recommend that you do not use this setting since every Participant must have a Boise State Zoom account set up in order to join if you do use this.

If you are concerned about privacy, security, “Zoom bombing” or other concerns, then you can choose to enable this setting. Please make sure all your invited Participants are Boise State faculty, staff, or students and that they have visited to get provisioned with Zoom accounts prior to your meeting.

Automatically record meeting

We ask that you do not automatically record the meeting, as this can result in additional unnecessary recordings any time the meeting is launched. Instead, click the record button after you have started the meeting.

Alternative Hosts

You can only add people with Boise State Zoom accounts as Alternative Hosts to start the Zoom meeting if you are not available. Note that Alternative Host is a different feature than Co-Hosts.

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