Creating Online Assignments in Gradescope


This article explains how to create online assignments in Gradescope. Online assignment question types include multiple-choice, short answer, and open ended. Currently in beta, online assignments let you create questions directly on Gradescope. Students will be able to log in and submit responses within the Gradescope interface. For some types of questions (multiple-choice, select all, and short answer), you can also indicate the correct answer ahead of time, and student submissions will be automatically graded.


  1. On your course’s homepage, click Assignments on the left sidebar and then Create Assignment at the bottom right. Select Online Assignment from the list of assignment types when it appears. 

  2. Add an assignment title, set a release date, due date, and add an optional late due date. If you’re making a test assignment that students should not see, make sure to set the release date far in the future or use a demo course that has no students in it.

  3. Optional: To give students a set number of minutes to submit work, select Enforce Time Limit. Then, use the Maximum Time Permitted field to set your time limit.

  4. Optional: To allow groups of students to submit the assignment together, select the Enable Group Submission and set your preferred group size.

  5. Click Create Assignment. This will take you to the Assignment Outline where you add your questions.

See this Gradescope help article for more details.

Getting Help

Gradescope technical support questions should be sent to For all other inquiries, please submit a help desk ticket to ensure proper routing to the person who can best assist you.