Locating Historical Course Evaluation Reports in Blue


Reports from the previous course evaluation system, titled What do You Think? (WDYT), have been transferred to Blue. Due to system limitations, some course evaluation data was not migrated. If you don’t see reports in Blue under the Archived tab, you can submit a request for these reports.


  1. Sign in to boisestate.bluera.com/boisestate.

  2. You will be taken to My Home, your Blue landing page.

  3. Scroll down to the Reports section.

  4. Click the Archived tab near the bottom right.

  5. Click on the option to view the historical report for a previous semester; a list of reports will appear.

  6. Click on each report to view it.

Data Availability

While college-level, department-level, and subject-level questions were migrated, reports might not contain all questions from the legacy system.

The following types of questions were not migrated:

  • Instructor-added questions

  • Subject and type questions (e.g., BIOL lab)

  • Subject and number questions (e.g., WRITE 201)

  • Department and type questions (e.g., WORLDLANG lab)

PDF versions of WDYT reports have been saved and archived. If you need historical data that’s not in Blue, you can submit a request for these reports.