Student-Initiated Zoom Sessions


For students needing to meet synchronously with their classmates, without an instructor present, Zoom offers a solution. This page guides faculty and students on the steps to scheduling a meeting, sharing the invitation with their peers, and if need be recording the meeting.


Step 1: Create your Zoom account

All Boise State faculty, students and staff are granted a Zoom account. Simply log into, and your account will be automatically provisioned.

Step 2: Schedule the Meeting

After you have your account configured, you can schedule a meeting from the home page

Give the meeting a name and date/time. If it’s a regular meeting, click the recurring meeting checkbox.

Boise State students, faculty and staff are provisioned with fully licensed ZOOM accounts. No time limit on meetings and up to 300 participants. 

Step 3: Copy the URL

After saving your meeting, it will create a unique meeting ID and link (, followed by a string of 9 or 10 numbers, such as Copy the URL and share it with your group.

Step 4: Recording the meeting (optional)

If the instructor requires recordings of student meetings, the host/scheduler of the meeting has the ability to record. They can do so by pressing the record button while in the meeting, or by setting the meeting to automatically record when first scheduled.

We recommend recording to the Zoom cloud, but recording locally on your device is also an option. If you record to the Zoom cloud, you will get an email when the recording has processed and is ready to be viewed. 

Step 5: Using Panopto (optional)

The student can then go to and log in. This will automatically provision a Panopto account for them.

If recorded Locally, the Zoom recording will automatically save on the host’s computer after the meeting ends. From their Panopto account, the student can click Create, then Upload Media. Choose the .mp4 file generated by Zoom and it will start to upload. 

If recorded to the Zoom cloud, the recording will automatically also appear in a Meeting Recordings folder in the student’s Panopto account. The student should receive an email from Panopto when the Zoom recording is available in their Panopto account.

Contact the Helpdesk if you cannot locate Zoom recordings in Panopto.

For students with both (student) email address and (employee) email address, the integration may not work immediately. This can be manually adjusted by an admin.

Step 6: Sharing the recording (optional)

If located in Panopto, the last step is for the student to copy the Panopto URL associated with their recording. Make sure to adjust the sharing permissions to allow sharing to your prospective audience. Recordings in Panopto will never be auto-deleted.

If the Zoom meeting was recorded to the Cloud, the student can also share the Zoom cloud recording link directly if desired. Note that Zoom cloud recordings are not permanent and will eventually be auto-deleted.