Packback Integration in Canvas

This article gives instructions for faculty on how to install Packback as a course level integration in Canvas.

Packback is not an institutionally supported tool. The OIT Help Desk and LTS do not provide any troubleshooting or support for Packback. Please contact Packback directly for help.


  1. Go to your course in Canvas

  2. Click the Settings link in the course navigation

  3. Click the Apps tab. 

  4. Click View App Configurations.

  5. Click the + App button.

  6. Select the Configuration Type drop-down menu and set the configuration type to By Client ID.

  7. Enter the Client ID: 151770000000000127

  8. Click the Submit button.

  9. Click Yes, Install Tool.

  10. After installation, click the gear icon for the app and select the Deployment Id menu item.

    1. screenshot of gear icon and Deployment Id in Canvas app installation
      [Screenshot of clicking gear icon to get Deployment Id in course app installation]
  11. A popup will appear with the deployment ID. Provide Packback with the Deployment ID. Example: 1234:5678901234567. Email the Deployment ID and name of your course to

  12. Go to Navigation in Settings. Drag the Packback item up into the active navigation menu area and click Save

    1. When you click on the Packback item from the course navigation menu, you will get an error until Packback completes their portion of the set up. 

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