Course Materials & Text Books or Boise State Verba Collect

The Bronco Shop has partnered with Verba Collect to make the course material adoption process simple, personalized, and much more transparent. All adoptions must be submitted through the Boise State Verba Collect page. 

This tool will be available in Canvas to help students and faculty access and interact with faculty-requested course materials and textbooks. Clicking on the “Course Materials & Textbooks” menu link will take users to a screen showing requested materials and options for Inclusive Access Opt-in/out or purchase options for physical books, ebooks, or other required items. 

Additional Information

This tool will be invisible in the Canvas menu by default, but can be added to the Course Navigation by faculty or course site administrators if desired.

  • The menu tool will appear as “Course Materials & Textbooks.” If you have used ebooks in Canvas, this tool replaces the “VitalSource Course Materials” tool.

  • No action is needed from faculty or Canvas Site administrators if you do not wish to access the tool.

  • If you are using Inclusive Access materials in your course, PLEASE ADD THE TOOL as it will give the students access to ebooks (if you are using an ebook without courseware), and allow students to easily opt-out or opt-back-in to your materials.

  • This tool shows students the same course material information that they can see in the Bronco Shop’s custom booklist. They can compare pricing with other online resources and purchase or rent different forms of the requested materials directly within Canvas.

Instructions for Turning Course Materials & Textbooks On

  1. Select the course that you wish to use Course Materials & Textbooks.

  2. In the course navigation click on Settings.

  3. Click on the Navigation tab.

  4. From the second list of option, drag Course Materials & Textbooks to the top list.

  5. Click the blue Save button to update the course menu.

Need Help?

Please contact the Book Shop for additional assistance or visit their Course Materials & Textbooks information page.

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