Evaluating Teaching Assistants (TA)

This article shares information evaluating teaching assistants (TA) in Blue. Some departments may use this TA functionality to evaluate people they consider “instructors.”


Important information:

  • If TAs are listed on a course in PeopleSoft, the TA(s) will be evaluated and not the primary instructor(s). If you have TAs but don't want them evaluated, add the TAs using Middleware.

  • If there are multiple TAs listed in PeopleSoft, students will be prompted to choose which TA(s) to evaluate.

    • They can evaluate up to 10 different TAs.

  • The same person can be listed as both a TA and Primary Instructor in PeopleSoft without issue.

To add TAs to PeopleSoft, there are two options:

Option 1: Fill out the Schedule Change Request form for the Registrar’s office.

  • This allows you to add a TA to a course one at a time. This is best for submitting a few TAs for a few courses.

Option 2: Make a copy of this spreadsheet and email to schedulechange@boisestate.edu

  • This allows you to add multiple TAs to multiple courses. This is best for submitting 10+ TAs at a time.

Relevant Information