Using Study Tools in iClicker


iClicker includes some study tools. This article will describe how they can be used.


Select Questions

  1. From the Course History page, select a polling session.
  2. From that session, select any questions you want to study.

Once you have selected some questions you want to study, you can then begin using them as either flashcards or a practice test.

Using Study Tools

To access the study tools, click Study Tools in the bottom right in the main menu.


The front of the flashcard shows the image associated with the question. The backside shows the correct answer. Tap the flashcard to flip it over.

Practice Test

A practice test works much like a normal polling session. You see the image and select an answer. Once you submit, you are shown the correct answer.

Removing Questions

If you want to remove questions from your study question set, click Study Tools in the bottom right in the main menu. Then, select Manage Questions. From this screen you can click Edit to select questions, then click Delete.

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