Participate in an iClicker Attendance Session


In this article, we will show how iClicker’s Attendance module allows you to quickly and easily let your instructor know you’re in class, stay on top of your own attendance, and track your absences.


Participate in Attendance Using the iClicker Student Application

Select your course in iClicker. For directions on adding your instructor’s course, see the help article Add a Course as a Student.

When your instructor starts an Attendance session, a banner will appear at the top of your screen letting you know that a session is in progress. Click "Join" to check-in. After you click Join, iClicker will then load.

If your instructor has selected a location range for your class, you will only be able to check-in if you are physically within range. If you attempt to check-in out of range, your check-in will fail and you will be prompted to try again.

Review Past Attendance

Your attendance summary can be found at the top of your Courses page. You can also view individual session attendance by selecting a session to view your timeline.

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