Access Your Blackboard Course


This article walks through how to access your Blackboard course after creation through or


  • Go to
  • Two tabs will display at the top of your Blackboard instance; "My Blackboard" and "HELP!"
  • The "My Blackboard" page contains "My Courses" where you will find the courses you are enrolled in. To personalize, click on the gear icon on the upper-right corner, uncheck boxes to hide displayed items and click "Submit"
  • The "Help!" tab will provide you with resources, tutorials and links to frequently utilized sites

Course Site

  • Edit Mode (located in the upper-right corner of each course area):
    • With Edit Mode ON, you can easily manage course content
    • With Edit Mode OFF, you cannot edit course content

      Use the /wiki/spaces/TBD/pages/8617988 feature to experience the course, take exams, etc. like your enrolled students.

  • Course Menu: contains shortcuts students use to navigate your course site

  • Course Management Menu: allows you easy access to all the course building tools

You can expand/collapse items in the Course Menu and Control Panel by clicking any of the menu buttons.

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