Add a Course as a Student


  • Click the plus sign in the upper right corner
  • Find your institution – iClicker Reef automatically starts returning matches to your search as you enter your institution’s name. The more you enter in the search field, the more you filter the results to narrow the returned matches
  • Find your course

Search for your instructor’s name, the full name of your course, or the abbreviation and then select your course

Carefully review the course(s) that are returned from your search and select your desired course.

  • Confirm that you selected the correct course
  • Select the "Add this Course" button to confirm that this is the correct course
  • Review your course(s)

Once selected, the course information appears in the "Courses" window.  From here you can join a polling session for a course and review previous results.

If you selected the wrong course or you drop a course, use the control to the right of the course title to access the delete option.

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