Enable iClicker Cloud Attendance


In this article, we will show how iClicker Cloud’s Attendance module allows you to take attendance using iClicker services.


Running an Attendance Session and Viewing Results

It is important that you indicate in your Course Settings if you’ll be using iClicker Cloud for Attendance only, or for all three modules (Attendance, Polling, and Quizzing). If you choose to use iClicker Cloud for Attendance only, the Polling and Quizzing options will be removed from your Course Home page.

After creating a course or selecting an existing course on the iClicker Cloud instructor website, click the "Take Attendance" button. Do this before starting a poll or quiz; students must check-in to Attendance before participating in polls or quizzes.

Setting Additional Attendance Parameters
If you would like Attendance to auto-run during each class, select a time period for it to run. In order for this to work, you must enter accurate “Meeting Times” in the Course Details section of your Settings.

You can choose for iClicker Cloud to highlight students who have any number of unexcused absences.

When you are satisfied with your Attendance settings, click "Save". Your settings, including location, will be reflected in future Attendance sessions.

Click the "Take Attendance" button. Students will now be able to check-in to your course.

View the "Current Session" tab to see the Attendance statuses of your students in real-time.

Using Attendance tools in the iClicker Cloud desktop software
Attendance will continue to run in the background if you run polling or quizzing sessions via the desktop software during class.

An animated "Attendance Active" icon appears next to the course(s) in which Attendance is running. In the Course Dashboard, a banner will notify you that an Attendance session is running. You can click the “View Attendees” link to open a window showing a list of students who have checked-in, and those who have not.

An Attendance session can end in three different ways:

– You click the "Stop Attendance" button in the Course Home section.

– The end time of an Attendance auto-run is reached.

– An Attendance session times out after being open for 8 hours.

To view Attendance data for your course, click the "Attendance" tab.

Red cells alert you to students with the number of excused absences that you chose in step 4.

Cells on the Attendance tab with gray triangles in the upper right corner indicate data that you have manually updated (see step 11).

Click "Export" to download all Attendance data as a .csv file.

To edit Attendance data for an individual student, click on the cell you would like to update.

You can change a student’s Attendance status for any date and/or make notes. These notes are private–not shared with students–and can be exported with the Attendance session data. Click "Save" and changes will be reflected on the Attendance tab.

To view a summary of an individual session, click the session title. You can click "Delete Session" if you would like the session permanently removed.

To view a summary of Attendance for an individual student, click the student’s name on the Attendance tab. You will see a summary of their Attendance, Performance, and Participation.

NOTE: The Attendance module is run entirely from the iClicker Cloud instructor website application. If you are using iClicker Cloud for Attendance only, you will not need the desktop software.

See How Students Participate in an Attendance Session

Participating in iClicker Attendance is free as part of the 2017 preview! However, if your instructor is also using iClicker for polling and quizzing you will need to purchase Reef Student subscription.

Participate in Attendance Using the Reef Student Application

Select your course in Reef. For directions on adding your instructor’s course, see the help article Add Your Instructor’s Course in Reef.

When your instructor starts an Attendance session, a banner will appear at the top of your screen letting you know that a session is in progress. Click Join to check-in. After you click Join, Reef will then load for a moment.

If your instructor has selected a location range for your class, you will only be able to check-in if you are physically within range. If you attempt to check-in out of range, your check-in will fail and you will be prompted to try again.

Participate in Attendance Using an iClicker Remote

Participating with an iClicker remote is simple. You will be checked-in to Attendance after answering the first polling or quizzing question that is asked during an Attendance session as long as your instructor has enabled the iClicker base.Tip: Refer to your instructor’s policy on allowing participation with iClicker remotes.

Review Past Attendance

Your attendance summary can be found at the top of your Courses page. You can also view individual session attendance by selecting a session to view your timeline.

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