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Getting started with Piazza and links to external support documentation

Piazza is now a PAID product. It is not institutionally funded at Boise State. Please check with your Department Chair or Program Coordinator to see if you have access to a license.

Piazza is a kind of forum where any student in a class can ask a question, or contribute a response to a question that has been posted by someone else. Instructors and TAs are able to moderate items posted in Piazza, and may choose to answer a question themselves or endorse or correct a response that a student has posted.


Piazza is minimally supported by Boise State. Piazza is integrated into our Canvas environment, so you can use it with any of your Canvas courses.

For set-up consultation and initial support, schedule with LTS. For ongoing troubleshooting (on behalf of faculty or students), contact Piazza directly first.

For Instructors:

  • Log into Canvas and select a course you are an Instructor in.

  • Select Settings from the bottom of the Course Layout Menu.

  • On the Settings Page, Select the Apps tab.

  • Type “Piazza” into the Search Bar

  • It will appear in the search; click on the Piazza App.

  • Select + Add App button.

  • Fill in the Consumer Key and Shared Secret provided by Piazza when you purchase their product.


Note: You do not need to manually enroll students when configuring the Piazza course. When students click the Piazza link in Canvas, they will be directed to sign up for an account to get access

For students:


Piazza and Boise Sate have a FERPA agreement in place as of Summer 2020. This means that Piazza complies with data privacy and security practices for FERPA-protected data.

However, if faculty request students to use Piazza for class, they should alert students that some student data (not FERPA-protected) may be shared with third parties via the Piazza Careers platform. Piazza Careers is a recruitment tool that by default, is turned on with new accounts. Students should visit their settings page and un-check the Careers box. For more information about what types of data may be shared visit the Piazza Terms of Use.

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