ZOOM Webinar Information


Webinar subscriptions are available for annual purchase or University Event Services provides support for groups interested in one or two events.

Option 1: Purchase Own Webinar License

  • If a department is interested in purchasing an annual Webinar subscription the annual cost runs from $400.00 for a Webinar 100 subscription allowing up to 100 participants to $3,400.00 for a Webinar 1000 subscription.

  • There is also a Webinar 500 available at $1,400.00. The annual subscription is valid from March 1, 20XX, to February 28. 20XX. If a subscription is purchased mid-contract term the first-year expense is prorated to the contract renewal date.

  • Our contract with ZOOM does not provide for a shorter subscription period.

  • To get that process started we need the department's approval to order the subscription, the name of the ZOOM user that will manage the subscription, and the Boise State account code you would like the subscription charged to. It takes about 5 business days to get the license provisioned.

Option 2: Pay a Fee to Boise State Event Services (to use their Webinar License)

  • Alternatively, Boise State Event Services offers virtual event support and management for a nominal per event fee.

  • They help you plan the event and manage the technical side of the event on the event date.

  • They have a lot of very satisfied customers.

  • Producing a successful virtual event has a lot of "moving" parts. Event Services has a website that explains their services and includes contact information so you can discuss your event needs with one of their webinar experts. (https://www.boisestate.edu/eventservices/virtual-event-services/)