How to require responses and prevent (video) skipping in Student-Paced mode


Within Nearpod, instructors can now require responses within student-paced lessons. 


Which activities does this feature apply to?

This feature applies to interactive video, polls, quizzes, open ended questions, and draw it activities.

How do I enable this feature?

You can enable this feature for all new lesson CODEs in your lesson settings, or per each individual lesson code that you launch out. The toggle will appear within the student-paced CODE modal.

What happens if my students try skipping required questions?

Students will see a modal that will prohibit them from moving forward in the lesson or interactive video if they try skipping questions.

Can students return to previous slides/ rewatch video? 

Yes, students can navigate back to previous slides within the lesson or rewatch video that they've already seen. They will not be able to move forward within the lesson or interactive video until they've answered the questions.

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