How to create an interactive video


With Nearpod, you can now make any video interactive by embedding questions directly into the video. 


  • Start in your My Library page. Then, on the left side, choose to create a Video.
  • You can either upload your own video, search YouTube, or search our standards-aligned library of Videos with questions built in.
  • Once you choose a video, select the spot during the video where you'd like to add a question, then click "Add Activity."
  • Select the question type you'd like to add, and write your question. For multiple-choice questions, you'll need to also add answer choices, and select the correct answer. 
  • Save your question, and repeat the last two steps to add more questions.
  • Once you're ready, you can title your video by clicking on the pencil in the blue bar above your video, and then save your video by clicking "Save" on the bottom right.

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