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Some students may be asked to take exams that require the use of ProctorU Record+ to monitor the test and to ensure academic integrity. Record+ exams do not require scheduling in advance. The exam session is recorded for later review by a proctor (within 48 hours). This service is available at no cost to students through Fall 2021.

Students must have access to a computer with a webcam and microphone to use Record+. You can find a full list of minimum system requirements on ProctorU's website.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How to Use Record+

1 - Create A ProctorU test-taker account

If you do not already have one, create a ProctorU account. You must use your Boise State Student Email. Be sure to check your inbox for a verification link and verify your email right away.

2 - Install the ProctorU browser extension

After creating an account, you will need to install the ProctorU browser extension to take tests. Refer to the installation steps in this knowledgebase for detailed instructions.

3 - Run a compatibility check before exam day

Running a compatibility scan can help identify and resolve issues ahead of the exam. It is helpful to complete this step before your test becomes available. Skip this step if you're about to take your exam.

4 - Start your test

Click the exam in Canvas to begin. If you have installed the extension according to Step 2, a ProctorU Panel will appear and guide you through starting the test. If you're running into an issue, refer to the detailed instructions for starting an exam.

Need Assistance?

Check the Common Issues page

The Common Issues page lists solutions to common technical problems students may experience when using Record+. To avoid delays, refer to that page before contacting the Boise State Help Desk.

Contact the Boise State Help Desk

If you're unable to resolve the issue, contact the Boise State Help Desk. Remember to include a detailed description of the problem, screenshots (if possible), the class name, the instructor name, and a callback phone number. If you need to report an issue after-hours, visit, log in with your student credentials, then click Report A Problem.

Monitor your Email and Voicemail for Updates

Support staff can quickly help you solve most problems, but if your issue needs to be escalated, it may take up to 1 business day to receive a follow-up response. Your instructor will be made aware if you experienced a verifiable problem that affected your exam. Check your email and voicemail regularly for an update.

Academic Integrity Requirements

Section 8 of the Boise State Student Code of Conduct outlines the definitions, policies, and procedures for academic misconduct. While taking exams, students are expected to uphold the standards set in the Code of Conduct. All exam sessions will be reviewed by a live proctor. Students should abide by the requirements below when taking tests.

  1. Have your Student ID Card or Drivers License ready for the identity verification process.

  2. Clear your work area of items that are not related to your exam, including cell phones.

  3. Remove and put away hats, beanies, smartwatches, and headphones.

  4. Remain seated throughout the exam. If you need a personal break, please take one before you begin.

  5. Take your test in a quiet, distraction-free area.

  6. Avoid loud noise and speaking out loud while taking the exam.

  7. Position yourself in a clear view of the camera throughout the test. Your face should be fully visible at all times.

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